Combined with Abundant Location-Based-Data
and powerful platforms together provide
a new LBS experience.

For the better map,
INAVI has been driving.
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Our Vision


We make peoples' life be connected
easier and faster through enhancing value of the digital map.

Building No. 1 map with constant innovation and advanced technology
Supplying top-notch map services cross over to any environments from mobile phone, AR, VR to vehicle infotainment system
Suggesting optimized driving route based on big data analysis

We connect your daily life.

Enjoy a perfect LBS experience with map data
of iNavi SYSTEMS from mobile navigation to mobility
and logistics /distribution industries.

An explorer in
a daily life

A Daily Explorer

Your daily life is the map to us.


At the place where you want to go,
where you visit every day or frequently,
and every place where your step is reached,
that is the place where we prepare for the future.


To give everyone
an amazing and convenient life,
iNavi starts another expedition.

Build Maps

Live Mapping


To catch surrounding changed by minutes
and to make it applied to the map
for the fastest and most accurate map service,
we run non-stop.

Big Data Cloud

Big Data processing


To systematically manage and apply data that
changes every hour or every day to services,
all of the data we establish is gathered in the
iNavi’s cloud and always managed data to be

INAVI Maps Platform


Our map always contains our concerns for providing you the better service.
We are preparing a New iNavi map platform
to make your tomorrow be convenient.

INAVI Maps Data

We provide you an accurate and detailed Real-Time data based on
more than 100 mapping attributes updated weekly.

Maps API


Add iNavi’s service of map, searching, and routes to all applications like the App service,
innovation of production and logistics.

Mobile Maps SDK


Make use of iNavi Mobile map
as same as ‘iNavi Air’
providing service of intuitive UI,
smart routing, and RTTI(Real-Time-Traffic-Information).

Embedded Navigation


iNavi is making revolution of NavigationTechnology.
Meet Extreme 3D, Air Map, and Augmented Reality (AR) in the navigation.

Automotive OEM Navigation


iNavi is launching telecommunication-based connected navigation.
iNavi provides you the best and optimal driving experience with Real-Time map updates,
voice recognition controls and systemic combinations of vehicle interfaces

Who we are looking for.

iNavi Keyword ‘Fun’
Fun to work, Fun to learn,
Fun to be round
‘iNavi people’ always enjoy what they do.
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A person who can think innovatively and can lead
the change with an enterprising mindset and a challenging attitude.



A person who can lead the company by constantly
doing self-development and having knowledge of expertise.



A person being able to harmonize well
with other colleagues and
to adopt well to culture of organization.

Value Creator


A person being creative and can embrace diversity
and pursue of differentiated value.



A person with full of responsibility
on work and doing work
accordance of the right value.
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